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Sleep Tips for the Spring Daylight Savings

daylight savings spring

Spring is coming and that means the clocks are moving ahead an hour. Oh joy! If you are wondering how to help your child adjust to the time change don’t panic and read on!   Spring ahead is usually an easier time change then the fall-back and for parent’s of an early riser, it can… Read More…

Your Baby’s Sleep and Daylight Savings


It’s that time of year that parents dread-daylight savings. Aaaahhhh!! Gone are the days that you gain an extra hour of snoozing in your cozy bed and instead you have early wake-ups and difficult bedtimes- oh joy! Are you wondering how to set things up this fall so the time change for you and your… Read More…

Start a Back-To-School Sleep Schedule in 3 Easy Steps

Custom Sleep Plans Support Gentle Training Methods

As summer winds to an end and all us parents are counting the days until school starts, one thing that may be on your mind (other than backpacks, school lunches and FREEDOM) is sleep. If your schedule has been turned a bit upside down with vacation and later summer bedtimes, now is the time to… Read More…

What Age Should I Start Sleep Training?

Custom Sleep Plans Support Gentle Training Methods London Ontario Canada

This is a common question that arises with parents of young babies.  Although some sleep consultants will tell you otherwise, I do not recommend sleep training until a child is 6 months old and is developmentally ready to start sleeping through the night and has started solid foods. Always check with your health care provider… Read More…